The Progressive Unity Slate’s Racial Equity Plan

As the leader of a party representing a majority-people-of-color state, it is imperative that the next Nevada State Democratic Party Chair center people of color in both the party’s outreach and leadership. The Nevada State Democratic Party has an obligation to engage and empower minority voices; while acknowledging it has not done enough in the past to listen and deliver to Nevada’s communities of color.

Tick Segerblom recognizes this: that is why he is running with a slate of young, diverse leaders of color who will offer their experience and expertise in key decision making. Hawah Ahmad, Alyssa Cortes, Lance Arberry, and Rebecca Pulido Goff have worked with Tick Segerblom to create a plan to prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility within the Nevada State Democratic Party.

The Progressive Unity Slate is committed to building an inclusive party capable of addressing the structural and systemic racism that has for too long disenfranchised Black, Indigenous, and people of color in Nevada. With feedback from the NV Dems constituency caucuses, Tick, Hawah, Alyssa, Rebecca, and Lance have worked diligently to create a plan to begin this important work.

The role of the Nevada State Democratic Party is critical, yet restricted. The party does not have access to unlimited resources and purviews. That is why creating actionable steps and intentionally redirecting available resources under the state party’s control is essential to create a party that better represents Nevadans.

View the Progressive Unity Slate’s Racial Equity Plan below:

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